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With The Right Environment... It All Becomes Easy!

Welcome To The DOJO

Training For Warriors in Worthing is NOT a gym. In fact, I'm sure you'll agree that there are quite enough gyms in Worthing as it is. But there's Only One TFW DOJO!

In Japanese ‘DO’ means “the way” or ‘the path’ towards something and ‘JO’ means enlightenment.

The DOJO then, is not a place to go beat someone else, defeat someone else, or even compare yourself to anyone else. Instead, it's the perfect environment... the place where you go to become enlightened about you.

It’s your learning place, your learning experience, where you learn about you and how to challenge yourself to improve and become better.

It's the place you come, to ultimately... 'Bring Out Your Warrior Within!'

And That's What TFW Worthing is All About!


Full-Time Professional Training For Warriors DOJO - Right in The Center of Worthing Directly Above The Sussex Bed Store


Here's Our Contact Details:

CALL: 01903 200 555

TEXT: 07876 350 669


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