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At TFW, it’s Not A Competition. We're About Cooperation!

Any gym can have equipment, trainers and offer workouts. What separates The TFW System from all the rest is it's CULTURE, it's COACHING, it's MOTIVATIONAL APPROACH and focus on COOPERATION rather than competition. When you have all this, and surround yourself with other Warriors on the same mission as you... The Magic Starts To Happen!

Although the sessions can be physically and mentally challenging, the fact that every student is working together makes it easier for you to mentally push through and succeed!

Together, as a team, you will push further and harder than you ever would alone because, when you've got the environment, and you've got the right team behind you, and you've got the right coach to guide you... everything become easier.

At TFW Worthing many of our students find this also helps them develop and strengthen the mental fortitude necessary to step up to the challenges life tests them with every day.

You want lasting results right? Then you need to surround yourself with others on the same mission as you. And that’s exactly what you’ll find here at TFW Worthing.


The Ultimate Goal Of Your Training Programme Should Be…

To Allow You To Fulfil Your Potential. This is the true measure of successful performance.

To do this… Your programme must follow Specific Principles.

It’s for this reason, the unique TFW training modalities are all applied based on the proven TFW 12 Guiding Principles that are the Philosophical Foundation of the TFW System.

The Problem: Most Training Philosophy is Not Developed!

Unfortunately, most people's training philosophy (and sadly this includes that of many trainers) is not developed, but is rather a training script taken from someone else and adopted or presented as their own without them truly understanding the philosophy or its purpose. We see it all the time!

And what’s more unfortunate for many people, is they just end up following a one-size-fits-all training programme, where many of the Center Foundations Principles are not being followed.

By Choosing To Center Your Training Around The TFW Core Principles, And Applying Them To Your Training, you will form your own individualised and detailed Principle-Centric, Results-Getting formula for success!

The Answer: TFW Principle-Centered Training

Over the last 20 years of training, learning, teaching and coaching, TFW has been on a mission to seek out the truths about training.

We have concluded that no method would ever be unanimously accepted as the best way to train.

We knew, however, that training is a science, so there had to be sound scientific principles or truths that every method had to adhere to. 

So after 20 decades of research…. TFW discovered and developed what we like to call the Center Foundation Principles from which all training must be derived.

Think of these principles as a compass that will guide your way through the ever thickening forest of training methods, advice, misinformation and confusion that surround this topic.

If you violate any of these principles, your training will not produce you optimal results and decreased performance is sure to follow.

But if you understand them and know how to apply them you'll get results far beyond what you ever though was possible. And this is what we will teach you at TFW Worthing.

The True Power of The TFW System

The true power of the TFW System though is not just about teaching you these Principles and how to apply them to your training

The TRUE POWER occurs when we help you transition from understanding them… To Living Them!

You see, we're not just about giving you a workout - anyone can do that!

TFW goes much deeper... We understand, training, as with anything in life, is all about choices and habits.

After all, since we come to be what we choose to do habitually, our choices and habits therefore determine our ultimate destiny.

At TFW we have found that when you apply the core principles, make good choices and develop good habits in your TFW Training - what you learn begins to spill over into other areas of your life.

And when you do this, you are destined to improve your knowledge about training and about yourself. The latter, after all is what life is all about.

This is the challenge TFW gives you and helps you overcome to... Bring Out Your Warrior Within!

Learn More...

Learn More...

How To Get Started

The best way to get started is with our 8 Week Warrior Challenge. You could also check out some of our free resources. Alternatively, if you just want some motivation check out our blog.


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